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Some of you has asked as about our mailing address. Well, here it is:
" Shota Rustaveli st. 38 App. 3
Kyiv, Ukraine
The Salvation Army
For David & Oxana Darchiashvili "
Phone: + 380 63 3845506 That is a mobile phone number, so it's always on.


Where we at
At this point we serve in Kiev, Ukraine. David is a Divisional Youth Officer and Oxana is Divisional support officer and a “Baby song” coordinator.

Special offer from
To our friends and relatives we want to offer a email address in domain. This type of email is really useful if you use pop3 email programs (like Outlook express or The Bat and so on…) By choosing this domain, you'll be supporting us, (more people will know about and you'll be able to get the email name that you wanted. Unfortunately we are limited in the number of mail boxes, so write as soon as possible to:

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